Becoming an adoption-friendly school

As part of Alexander's commitment to raising awareness of the needs of adoptive parents and adopted children allied with his association with the Learning and Participation department at the Royal Opera House , Alexander has completed an e-leaning module offered by PAC-UK which involves understanding attachment, trauma and loss , creating adoption friendly classrooms and playgrounds and becoming an adoption-friendly school .

The e learning course is connected with with PAC-UK's publication 'Becoming an Adoption-Friendly School'.  Purchase of the book provides access to an online toolkit, a bank of resources, templates and policies to help schools on their journey. Alexander also attended the the book’s launch which took place on 15 May 2017 at the Royal Society of Medicine.

The book can be purchased via Amazon or for bulk orders please contact

Alexander has been accredited by the Royal Opera House Learning and Participation department for the ability to be able to deliver training in dramatic singing, theatrical singing and primary music pedagogy and also has a licentiate from the Royal Academy of Music for teaching singing.